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Buying Your First Home…
We Can Make It Fun And Easy!

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Buying Your First Home

Got a credit score of 580 or more and $1,000? You might be able to buy your first home. Please call (303) 222-0027 or e-mail contact@firsttimehomebuyersdenverco.com for a free list of first time home buyer loans!

Buying your first home can be terrifying and exciting, daunting and thrilling! It can also be one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, and one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself!

Here’s what you can do in order to prepare to buy your first home…

Get Your Finances In Order
To get ready to buy your first home, you can start by getting your finances in order. Check your credit score and try to get it to 620 or higher. Pay down any debt that you are able to reduce. Do a budget and figure out how much of a monthly payment you can afford. These are all great first steps in the home buying process.

Start Working With A Real Estate Agent
Start working with a real estate agent who is good with first time home buyers, to figure out what type of property you can afford and which areas of Denver you might like to live in. We love to work with first time home buyers. And we’d love to help you find the perfect property, whether its affordable or luxury, condo or house.

Talk To A Mortgage Broker Or Lender
While we’ll be able to give you a general idea of how much house you can afford, a mortgage broker or lender will be able to give you an exact figure. We can give you several referrals, of brokers and lenders we’ve worked with over the years who do a good job with first time home buyers. With a mortgage company or lender, you can learn about interest rates, monthly payments, closing costs, and more.

Find Out Which First Time Home Buyers Programs Are Available For You
You’d be surprised at the number and variety of first time home buyers programs that are available in the Denver metro area. And you might also be surprised at what qualifies as “low or moderate” income. Don’t automatically assume that you won’t qualify for a program. Ask your mortgage broker or lender about lower interest rates, down payment assistance grants, and closing costs assistance programs that are available for first time home buyers.

For more information on buying your first home like tax advantages, closing costs, and more, call (303) 222-0027, or e-mail contact@firsttimehomebuyersdenverco.com.  Also, you can take our quiz to find out if you’re ready to buy!

Please note: As real estate agents, we can work with you as your buyer’s agent, and you won’t pay our commission – the seller will!