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Buying Your First Home…
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Getting A Loan For Your First Home

There are first time home buyer loan programs available that only require $1,000 down. Please call (303) 222-0027 or e-mail contact@firsttimehomebuyersdenverco.com for more info and a free list of programs!

Getting a loan for a first home may be easier than you think!

Here are the basic steps in the process, many of which you can complete before or while you are looking for properties:

Once you put in your offer on a home, and it’s accepted by the seller, you’ll be under contract. Below, you will find the next steps in your loan process:

Although the steps above may seem unpleasant or tedious, they’re not bad, if you just tackle them one at a time.

And when you’re spending your first night in your new home, you’ll be glad that you went through all of the effort to become a homeowner!

For more information on getting a loan for your first home, please call (303) 222-0027, or e-mail contact@firsttimehomebuyersdenverco.com.

Note: If you are ready to find out more about the properties that are available in the Denver metro area, contact us for a free consultation. It’s also important to note that, as a buyer, you don’t have to pay our commission – that comes from the seller at the closing.