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Townhomes For First Time Home Buyers In Denver

Will townhomes in the Denver area qualify for a first time home buyers loan? Please call (303) 222-0027 or e-mail contact@firsttimehomebuyersdenverco.com for a free list of loan options and their criteria.

Many first time home buyers in Denver choose to buy a townhome as their first home, because they represent a nice compromise between a condo and a single-family house.

With a townhome, you generally get more space than you would find in a condo, and it’s on multiple levels (two stories or three stories). With some townhomes in the Denver metro area, you even get a basement, which can be used for storage and/or livable space.

Townhomes are also great for people who have dogs, because you also generally get a small front yard and back yard. In most cases, the homeowners association (HOA) takes care of the yardwork in your front yard, and you’re responsible for the back yard area.

The HOA also is usually responsible for the exterior maintenance on your townhome (painting, gutters, siding, roofing, and more), and you have to pay for any interior maintenance or repairs.

If you’re considering a townhome as your first home, here are criteria to consider:

There are affordable townhomes throughout the Denver metro area and the suburbs, and we’d be happy to show you different properties that fit within your budget! Not all townhomes will qualify for first time home buyers programs, but we can steer you to the ones that will.

For additional information on townhomes in Denver, or to start looking for a townhome, call (303) 222-0027, or e-mail contact@firsttimehomebuyersdenverco.com.

Note: Our e-mail notifications about available properties are a great tool for finding that perfect townhome. During your free consultation, we can discuss all the types of properties you’re interested in and which sections of Denver you’d like to live in.  Then, your  alerts can be customized.